Flame’s safety garments has been on the market for over 25 years and have set the standard in design and quality for industrial work wear on the island of Trinidad and Tobago. Flame does not compromise on quality when it comes to the production of the safety garments branded as Flame, we take pride in the quality work and craftsmanship that goes into each of our garments.

Our customers range from the self-employed tradesman seeking the best for himself, to the project manager looking to outfit his crew, they all want the "Flame advantage." Our garments have a demand worldwide, we have exported garments to over 12 different countries regionally and a few internationally.

What sets flame apart from the rest? Like a fine dish the secret is the recipe.

Quality garments come from quality factories. At flame we have the formula for quality and affordability. Our years of experience in the industrial safety garment business, investment in technology and our investment in our people eliminates mistakes and emphasizes quality in the garments we produce. We are continuously improving our garments through research and development. We always strive to educate ourselves and our customers on the relevant changes in the industry. We are committed to selling products that save lives and improve the quality of the life of a worker in the event of an accident. We are inspired to find stronger and safer textiles through new innovations.

That's why our customers come to us and keep coming back. Our quality is second to none; costs are affordable and reflective of the value delivered. Whether you’re a small company, a company with thousands of employees, Flame Industries can supply you with all your safety apparel needs.

Experience the flame advantage today!


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