Westex’s original Indura® line of flame resistant 100% cotton fabrics, introduced in 1987, is guaranteed flame resistant for the life of the garment in either high temperature industrial or home washing procedures. In fact, the Indura® brand name was derived from “industrial (wash) durability,” due to the fact that Indura® was the first flame resistant cotton fabric that was engineered to provide guaranteed flame resistance. Since the introduction of Indura® in 1987, millions of garments have been installed in successful protective clothing programs worldwide. Today, Indura® is still popular for use in denim jeans, jackets and pants in the metals industry and in coveralls for budget conscious contractors.

Westex guarantees the flame resistance of Westex UltraSoft®fabrics for the life of the garment. This guarantee has been demonstrated in laboratory testing and through the auditing of samples from the millions of garments in the protective clothing marketplace for over two decades. There are many “unseen” details that go into the production of durable flame resistant cotton and cotton blend fabrics. This starts with the production of the base material, dyeing, preparation, FR engineering process, internal laboratory testing, external laboratory testing and technical support all the way to the proven performance of the FR fabric in the market. They have spent decades perfecting the highly technical, proprietary flame resistant fabric technology to produce our trusted fabrics which are market proven, world-leading brands. This high level of performance is achieved by the Westex proprietary production process, which combines advanced custom engineered machinery with sophisticated computer equipment to conduct the “ammonia cure” system.

In the Westex engineering process, a high quality phosphonium salt precondensate flame retardant chemical is applied and polymerized with gaseous ammonia forming a long-chain flame retardant polymer impregnated into the core of each cotton fiber. This flame retardant polymer acts as a catalyst promoting the charring of the fabric. This accelerated charring prohibits the support of combustion by reducing the fuel source. Click the image below to see all the steps and technology involved in the making of UltraSoft fabric.


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The Westex Difference UltraSoft® 7 oz. (237 g/m2) Westex Arc Flash Testing Overview