Flame Industries is the place to find the islands highest-quality digital embroidery service. Hats, shirts, jackets, you name it, if you can sew on it, so can we! We provide only the finest custom embroidered products available.

Digitizing is the process of converting your artwork design into a digital embroidery pattern that can be read by the embroidering machines. A skillful digitizing artist uses embroidery digitizing software to interpret your particular artwork design to form a digital embroidery pattern. Digitizing is both a technical and a creative process. It's much more than most people might imagine. While the digitizer may begin with a scan or a graphic file, he has to tell the embroidery machine where to put each stitch, and what order to sew your design - including where to stop, trim the threads, and switch to a different color. Poor digitization can lead to a poor-looking design, or one that is very hard to sew.

We're sure you'll be very pleased with the results. Whether you need promotional giveaways or if you're starting your own fashion line, will give your job the specialized attention it deserves.