Here is an example of a coverall designed by BPTT, produced by Flame Industries. The design is required for persons operating on BPTT’s facilities and require fire retardant protection and visibility. The coveralls are made from DuPont Nomex 6.0 oz Orange colour fabric

Front Features

  • Double stitched Collar
  • Snap Close on neck line
  • Double stitching with DuPont Nomex thread for consistency with fire retardant fabrics.
  • Double head, double stitched two way brass zippers, for ease of accessibility to under garments and comfort.
  • Hidden Snaps on fold that covers zip for added safety on fire retardant coveralls.
  • Two double stitched front chest pockets, for durability.
  • Double snaps on cuffs for adjustable fit.
  • Double stitched front patch pockets on pants for added storage and convenience.

Back Features

  • Pleated shoulders for manoeuvrability
  • Two double stitched back pockets for durability
  • Featuring a durable double stitched tool pocket for convenience and additional storage.
  • Double stitch on seat for added strength.
  • 1-1/4” elastic waist band at back for comfort and manoeuvrability
  • Side seams double stitched for added strength.
  • 2” Reflective strip on shoulders, which span across to back, for added visibility from above.
  • 2” Reflective strip below breast pockets, which wrap around the back, for increased visibility.
  • 2” reflective strip on Legs 18” away from hem.
  • 2” reflective strip on arms 6” away from cuffs.
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